Menswear Street Style

Why Menswear Fashion Week is a good idea

SA Menswear Week kicked off recently, and some of the collections have been next level I-would-wear-that. I’ve been experiencing it from the front row, and by ‘front row’ I mean via Instagram, where your view is never obscured by experimental headwear.

Here are a few reasons why I think Menswear Fashion Week is a good idea. I stand by my mantra – “when in doubt, shop in the men’s department”. It never fails me.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Fall 2015


Menswear Street Style

Menswear Street Style


Tom Ford

Tom Ford Fall 2015


Menswear Street Style

Menswear Street Style


Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2015


Menswear Street Style

Menswear Street Style



Valentino Fall 2015


Menswear Street Style

Menswear Street Style


Street style

Menswear Street Style


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PFW Street Style

Fashion Banter: Street Style

Fashion banter between a wannabe fashion girl and her non-fashion boyfriend

– Favourites from Paris Fashion Week 2014


ME: I’m obsessing over blankets at the moment…


shawl street


BF: I think it actually looks nice, it doesn’t hurt my eyes, it’s not flashy, and the yellow bag actually works. The only downside is that she will have to stay away from coffee and wine (basically the only things worth drinking).


ME: So you won’t frown in shame at me if I start wearing blankets/panchos?


BF: As long as you dont run ahead shouting “Matthew, does my poncho swish when I run!?”


ME: I can’t promise that.


Blanket street


BF: The poncho makes less sense in this one. It’s just going to slip down. Also, I’m afraid of those boots, because cats like dangly things that swish and those heels are very pointy. She will end up killing some kittens.


ME: Fringe is soooooo in this season though! Although admittedly, I’m not that into it… well not on shoes anyway. We can’t all be Pocahontas.


street style


BF: Correct me if im wrong. But she has a leather jacket on right?


ME: Um, yes, she does.


BF: So she’s wearing both a jacket and a poncho? Except she’s wearing the poncho as a scarf, basically just giving herself backache?


ME: Again, layering, it’s a thing.


BF: That’s not layering, that’s just wearing all your things and making it worse. Look how Vince and Howard wear ponchos. They wear them properly. Over the head, a hole cut specifically so it doesn’t slip down.




(As a side note: I would like to see all these women after some rain. They are going to be walking like a hunchback…)




BF: There’s no shape in the dress. It makes her look like a pole…


ME: She probably is a pole. I love the coat though.


BF: I know what she could wear – She could just go into any South African suburban home and take some horse brass wall ornaments, and wear them as a belt.


ME: I have no idea what you’re talking about.




ME: Oh, yeah, now I know what you mean. Look at you playing stylist with household objects!


street style


ME: This is adorable!


BF: SO MANY TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS. Also, the dress is too short, and is a terrible shape.


ME: It’s a dress?


BF: Is it just a coat?


ME: I actually don’t know anymore.


BF: Do you know why fashion insists on making women wear winter items with summer? There’s no point.


ME: Some days are a bit cooler than others? And also, Paris is going into Autumn now, so it’s not 30 degrees every day.


BF: Yet they wear no pants.


ME: HAVE YOU SEEN HER LEGS? I would never wear pants if I had her legs.


BF: Women’s legs are mostly wonderful things. But if you’re going to show them off, don’t come complain that your legs are cold.


ME: Deal.


Ulyana Sergeenko


ME: That’s Ulyana Sergeenko, she’s a Russian designer. She’s amazing, I love her.


BF: She looks cute and mean at the same time.


ME: BUT having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if has little cups attached to her ankles collecting all the sweat from those leather dungarees. She’s WERQING that sass though!


BF: You can see no one is going up to talk to her because they know after all that squeaking, she’s probably about to snap at any wrong move.


ME: I wonder what sound it makes when she walks?


BF: Probably something like this:



ME: YES! Cryyyyyying laughing!


PJ outerwear


ME: I can’t move on from pajama outerwear. I’m obsessed, clearly.


BF: It looks terrible. Those pj’s, outside. Especially the black one.


ME: Well I do in fact love the blue one more. I NEED IT.


BF: It doesn’t make sense to me.


ME: It’s chic AND comfortable, what’s not to understand?


BF: No.



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Milan Street

Fashion Banter: Milan

Fashion banter between a wannabe fashion girl and her non-fashion boyfriend

– Moschino, Emilio Pucci, Street Style Milan Fashion week 2014.


ME: Ok, before I show you this year’s Moschino, I need to show you what they’ve done in the past… to understand the context.

Moschino Spongebob

Moschino Mcd


ME: Ok, and this is their Spring/Summer 2015 collection…


Moschino 1

BF: Seriously though, do these designers get their input from children? Because this first look is something from Barbie’s wardrobe, back when barbie WASN’T fashionable.

ME: Barbie is super fashionable now – I follow her on Instagram.

BF: I don’t even know what to say actually. Previously the looks were a spin on pop brands. Like they used the brands imagery to create a line. Now its like, oh I dunno, let’s just make clothes that Barbie has. And I’m pretty sure my sister swallowed a shoe like that. Except it was Barbie’s shoe.

ME: But wouldn’t you say that Barbie is just as much pop culture as McDonald’s or Spongbob?

BF: Yeah, but making clothing from the imagery of McDonald’s and Spongebob is different to just taking the clothing Barbie has an making them bigger. It would be the same as painting someone like a sponge, putting square pants on them with a shirt and tie.

ME: Now EVERYONE can be Barbie! As long as you can afford a 1000 Euro dress.

BF: 1000 Euros for what? A torturous death if you’ve stand too close to your adult Easy Bake oven and everything sets alight??

Moschino 2

BF: The second image just reminds me of this:



ME: Haha but how??




ME: Emilio Pucci… I love this collection. So sexy 70’s.

Emilio Pucci 1

BF: HAHA that girl went to a picnic, and then used the blanket to clothe herself. It still has the flowers stuck in it. It’s like a giant doiley you sit on at a picnic.

Emilio Pucci 2


BF: SKIRT OR PANTS PLEASE. If you wear a coat that hides every item of clothing you may or may not be wearing, it’s immediately the international symbol for flasher.

ME: Yeah, you really have a problem with the no-pants-party.

Emilio Pucci 3


BF: The tan lines from this dress will be horrible. Also, that’s a very suggestive line in the middle. STUPID feather duster bag. All the cats will be clawing at it.

ME: ‘V’ for…

Emilio Pucci Joan Smalls


ME: That’s Joan Smalls who recently modeled for Woolworths.

BF: It suits her. Plus she’s nice.

METhat’s such a humble brag. But it’s cool that you sorta met her. She’s SUCH hot property.

Emilio Pucci 4


BF: DOES NOT FIT. It looks like it comes from a cyberpunk  hacker movie. I don’t know why they included that. Who let her on stage.


ME: I though I’d mix things up a bit today with some street style, ’cause that’s where the REAL fashion is at! Think IRL*.

Milan Street Style


BF: So many wrongs.

ME: SO MANY RIGHTS. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to wear pajamas in public.

BF: That looks terrible. Rather let your mum roll your sleeves. Plus that jacket looks too big. I get the whole pj oversized idea, but that doesn’t mean it looks ok to wear in public.

ME: I don’t even understand what you’re saying.


*In Real Life (nerd gaming talk)

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